Clothes out of Milk

While the main goal should be to not produce any foodwaste at all (apparently in Germany 2 mio. tons a year of "non food milk" is being thrown away by the milk industry) I do agree that it is a great achievement by a German scientist and designer to have found a way to actually turn unused milk into a 100% ecological and biodegradable high quality silklike fabric(!). For 1 dress approx. 6 liters of milkwaste is needed. Or 30l for 1 kg of clothes. And just 2l of water (compared to cotton: 11000l).

Clothes made of Oranges

Citrus juices production generates 700'000 tons of unused cirtus byproducts that is being thrown away in Italy alone. This startup found out how to use that (otherwise thrown away) material and turn it into an ecological fabric.

Clothes made from Manure?

A Dutch designer extracted the cellulose from cow dung to fight the problem of manure surplus

Clothes made of Seaweed

Some labels are experimenting with seaweed for clothes. While it seems not to be "a thing" yet, fabrics from seaweed appear to be of the same quality as cotton. It might be a good alternative in case we need to save land to increase food production.