Removing CO2 From Atmosphere

Yes. Carbon can be removed from the atmosphere. Either naturally (for example trees that grow thanks to the CO2 from the air) or even technologically. 

Stop Draining The Swamps!

No, I don't mean this sentence in a political way. Instead it refers to a rather surprising finding. The swamps of the world can soak up an astonishing amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. Even much more than trees (=forests) do(!). The reason for that is that the plants in moors - when they die - they stay in the ground in form of turf. And as long as the land is wet, those plant rests (which are made of carbon) won't decay. That's why wetlands / moors contain a huge amount of stored CO2 already and continue constantly soaking up more CO2 from the atmosphere. Unfortunately we have been draining swamps. For obvious reasons (agricultue). And as soon swamps are dry they won't only stop storing new CO2 from the air but reverse the process and instead become a big polluter. So the goal should be to - where it's possible - make the drained swamps wet again so they can turn from a CO2 polluter back to a CO2 destroyer. That's easier said than done but knowing about the issue is a beginning. There are currently trials to use the renewed wetland for growing grass (that is used as biofuel - while the wetland itself is storing CO2 from the atmosphere at the same time. Or growing mosses on the wetland that can be harvested and turned into potting compost. Or growing bulrush (Typhaceae) that can be used in construction. 


Direct Air Capture

Direct Air Capture is nothing less than the technology that allows us to "vacuum clean" the atmosphere from CO2. Those machines (some of them are built and tested already) soak up the air and filter out its CO2 thanks to a chemical process. Later that CO2 will be put in the ground. There are many places around the world where the ground (geology) is suitable for that. There are currently many DAC plants around the world in trials. The currently biggest one is in Iceland. A big one will also be built in Norway. There's also one in Switzerland and the USA the first one was  built just recently in California. Like always with new technologies at the beginning they are very expensive. The pilot plant in Iceland captures 4000 tons of CO2 per year. For comparison: Citizens of planet earth emit currently on average 4.7 tons per capita and year. Which means with those currently very high numbers (which we are trying to get down ASAP!) we would have to build a bit more than one of those machines per 1000 persons. This would actually be possible. The only catch so far: Unfortunately they so far also need a lot of energy. And to produce that energy with current ways of energy production (still way too much fossil fuel power plants!!) we would nearly produce as much CO2 as we can capture with those machines -> So unfortunately it would be absolute nonsense. BUT: As soon as we stop those fossil fueled power plants and replaced them with green electricity production those DAC-machines could help to reverse some of the damage. It is important to acknowledge that all those technologies and solutions presented on this site need to be "engaged" together. There is not THE single solution to solve the climate problem.