Solar Pannels on Car

A car that generates the needed electricity itself is a genius idea. A very convincing prototype is (was) the Sion from Germany based Sono Motors.

You can either charge it on the grid or let it charge itself. It can generate energy for  up to 245km a week(!). So you are not just buying a car but also a little solar power pant. This really could be the future of electric cars. Unfortunately the company had financial difficutlties. But a prototype was built and they proofed that the concept actually works! 

Or check out the U.S. based car Aptera which has a similar solar only range with an acceleration of 0-60 miles in just 3.5 seconds! Fully charged it has an extraordinary range of 1000 miles. You can pre-order the Aptera starting from 25,900.- $ (250 Miles range and 5.5 seconds from 0-60).

Electric Tribike

Switzerland based company Kyburz produces electric tribikes - called DXP - that are ideal for ecological postal deliveries. Especially for "the last mile". They have a range of up to 100km. They exist in different versions and you can add a trailer so even bigger packages can be delivered. Like a Swiss Army Knife DXP's are super practical and reliable in (nearly) any weather condition. They are 50km/h fast and the main advantage is that thanks to its practical size you can drive directly to most house entrances and mailboxes and are saving time because you have to walk less. And you can avoid congestions by using the bicycle lane. There are also similar small electric delivery vehicles from other companies.

Cargobikes for Transport

A already common image in cities all across Europe are cargobikes. Loaded with.. children. Or used for all the stuff you used your car before. Like going grocery shopping or buying stuff for your garden. They are called cargo bikes because you can transport nearly everything with them you can by car.

Many parents use them to drive their children to school or any other place.

Like this, especially when you live in the city there is no need for a car anymore. Plus: It is much more fun! For parents and their children alike. Thanks to its electric power you will never get exhausted but still get some daily exercise. And even if you want to keep a car too, be aware that each kilometer less by car is helping the environment a little bit more. 

Buy Electric Scooters and Motorbikes!

Please don't buy fossil fueled scooters anymore. There are many different electric scooters with an acceptable range and for little money. Please don't buy an old Vespa or a similar fossil fueled scooter for daily use. They are outdated and they are not making sense anymore. Unless you really need a cheap motorbike for driving hundreds of kilometers a day; Buy electric. Unlike with cars they are not more expensive than their fossil fueled counterparts. There are many different brands and they start around just $1500.- . In general there is less stuff that can break in electeric vehicles because they are made of less parts and an electric engine is not as complicated as internal combustion engines.  Many electric mopeds have a battery that can be taken off so you can charge it in your flat. It usually weights around 10 kg.

Make Sailing Ships Great Again!

There was a time (before the industrial revolution) when we all lived in a net zero world already. And we even had ships! The Golden Horizon is a newly built sailing ship that works just like in the old days. It is made of steel instead of wood and can transport 300 guests and 150 crew members. It is nearly as luxurious as a cruise ship and has 3 swimming pools, restaurants, bars and a spa. To be honest, I would like to travel on such a ship even without all that luxury. Maybe even help with the sail? Instead of taking a plane to the holiday destination why not combine it with a little adventure at sea?