Insects Instead of Meat

Previously considered a no go in the Western world, because of its environmental or even health benefits, eating insects is becoming more and more popular. Most people probably still wouldn't like to see the actual worms or legs and feelers of the insects when they are eating them. That's why they probably taste best when they are "wrapped" in an insect meat burger.

In Switzerland and in the European Union insects have recently been approved to be safe for consumption. So now it is possible to find insect burgers and other insect products at the grocery store.  Insects provide a lot of protein and contain many vitamines. Probably more than actual meat.

Vertical Gardening / Farming

We are a lot of people on this planet. And we keep getting more and more. By the end of the year 2022 we will pass 8 billions. So to be able to feed all of us we will get out of farmland sooner or later. But even for that problem there are solutions. With the right measures there's probably enough food and ressources in this world for twice as many. One solution to the food problem is vertical gardening. There might not be enough horizontal space. But when we start to use the vertical we dan dramatically increase the available farmland. Vertical gardening is even possible at home on your terrass. If you put plants on a shelf you are technically already in the "vertical gardening business". But then of course, vertical gardening is also possible on the big scale. With vegetable plants stacked one above the other and just enough nutricients and water the plant needs. Or a bit more low-tech: Supermarkets who are growing fruits and vegetables on their roofs. Creating "farmland" and saving transportation cost (money and CO2). We can even grow plants and food on the outside of our buildings.

Plant-Based Meat

Plant-based meat is already broadly accepted as a great alternative to real meat and can be found in the shelves of supermarkets around the world. There are now many different brands that are competing which is a good thing since they are pushing the price for plant-base meat down.